I’m glad that my appointment yesterday at the dutch school was a big success. It’s just a short interview about my educational background and short description about the dutch course that I will take soon. The second appointment will be on the first week of October and after that I just see when I can start my class. I’m excited already that for somehow I can do something fruitful in my stay here in NL. I have luck because the course still free, the man that interview me said that by December 2012 the course is not free anymore. So I was like pheww… I just have my luck.

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  1. Jack Says:

    Hello Fe,
    May I ask you what kind of Dutch course you are going to do?
    Is it the Ciciv Integration Course or the T2 Dutch language course?
    And where do you have this course?
    Sorry for my curiousity, but next month I am going to marry my Russian fiancé (I am Dutch myself) and although she is an Opthalmologist, MD, Post-graduate certifications and University teacher, she still has to do this Civic Integration Exam in order to get an MVV.. All goes well with her self-study, but she has trouble with conversations in Dutch. So we are looking for a course for learning (basic) Dutch conversation and writing in correct grammar.

    Good luck with your lessons !
    Kind regards,

  2. fey Says:

    Hi Jack,

    Actually the dutch course that I’m referring to do is the one that I get here from the government. I have my MVV already, so it means that I can stay here longer in NL. ANd only those people who has MVV can avail this dutch course from the government. Advantage for this course is it’s free for now. So grab the chance to enrolled it while it’s gratis ;) My dutch is also not good that’s why I enrolled this dutch course here in NL then I can learn this language.

    However, if you can’t avail this dutch course from the government, then you can enrolled in some language schools here in NL, Only you need to pay it yourself.

    Have a nice day!


  3. Jack Says:

    Thank you for your information, Fe.
    Now I know what kind of course you mean.
    Since my wife is going to work as a doctor she must be able to communicate with her colleagues and especially with her pations of course.
    So she needs to so the T2 course, which teaches you to speak Dutch fluently.
    This is a quite expensive course, although part of the costs can be refunded by the government indeed.
    She hasn’t got an MVV yet, so for a free course (yes..”gratis”..very good! we Dutch love that word..:-) ) she will be too late, unfortunately.
    It’s worth the effort to “shop around” for this course, I guess.

    I wish you best of luck with your course, Fe !
    Go for it !

    Kind regards,

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